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0xOS AI is a decentralized AI-based (DeAI) library and service platform for blockchain contracts. Our objective is to simplify access to blockchain contracts and data, starting with ERC-20. At 0xOS AI, our goal is to establish ourself as a major stakeholder in the blockchain space (and beyond), with an AI-infused, decentralized library and service platform. Our platforms are engineered to bridge the technological divide, offering both developers and general users an unparalleled experience in interacting with blockchain technology. Simplifying Blockchain Accessibility Our platform is not just a repository but a launchpad for innovation, enabling users to explore, customize, and apply blockchain solutions in various domains. By demystifying blockchain technology, we are nurturing a knowledgeable community equipped to leverage blockchain technology's full potential. The 0xOS Vision and Platform Objective We recognize the inherent complexities and fragmented nature of the blockchain world. 0xOS AI addresses these challenges by providing a unified, AI-enhanced platform that eases the interaction with blockchain contracts. Our goal is to facilitate easy access to a wealth of blockchain resources, improving efficiency and user engagement across the blockchain ecosystem. Serving Dual Distinct Audiences 0xOS AI is tailored to meet the needs of two key user groups. For developers, we offer advanced tools for searching, forking, and customizing contracts to fit various project requirements. For general users, including blockchain enthusiasts, investors, and learners, our platform provides an easy-to-navigate, intuitive interface to explore and understand blockchain data.