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$AN on BSC (AN) token is a utility cryptographic asset that powers the AN Social Authenticity Network created by AANN.ai. AN on BSC token enables in-app transactions, rewards, and staking. AN on BSC total fixed supply is capped at 100 billion tokens and minted on the Binance Smart Chain. In order to maintain scarcity and potentially enhance its value, $AN token incorporates a deflationary mechanism. Inspired by successful deflationary models like SHIB, $AN features a programmable burn function that systematically reduces the token supply over time. Scheduled burns are determined via community voting, aimed to decrease the token supply methodically over time, offering holders a healthy and robust token economy. Community involvement is central to the token's governance, with $AN token holders able to participate in decentralized voting for publicly announced token burns through a DAO governed voting system to be established on Snapshot. Certain zones within the $AN Token economy, such as liquidity and staking pools, are designated as "safe zones" and are exempt from burns to ensure sustainable liquidity and staking rewards pools. AANN.ai team guides the strategic development of the $AN token economy, ensuring alignment with the broader goals of the AN Social Authenticity Network platform. Through decentralized governance processes and transparent communication, AANN.ai advocates for sustainability and community participation, ensures platform users and token holders have a say in the growth and development of the AN Social Authenticity Network (AANN.ai) and the $AN token economy. Within the AN Social Authenticity Network, $AN tokens play an important role in various areas, including in-app transactions, staking, rewards, and decentralized governance, empowering token holders with voting rights and further enhancing community participation in the development of the AN Social Authenticity Network ecosystem.