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There is a clear need for a secure, decentralized staking service for the Theta network. Decentralization ensures that everyone within a network has equal access. Currently, it can be difficult for some individuals to raise the 1,000 Theta needed to stake, as well as have the necessary computing power, which hinders Theta staking. In the future, Ageio plans to expand its protocol to offer this service to other networks facing similar challenges. Earning passive income through the delegation of Theta Tokens becomes increasingly difficult as Theta increases in price. In order to earn Tfuel as passive revenue on your Theta tokens, you must stake a minimum of 1,000 Theta to a guardian node. Currently, there are few options for those who wish to earn passive income but cannot afford to run their own guardian node or purchase the required amount of Theta. The solutions that do exist are costly and do not offer any incentives beyond traditional Tfuel earnings. Ageio was created to address these issues by providing transparency and decentralization to Theta staking, allowing more people to earn passive income and distributing revenue to token holders. At its core, Ageio focuses on decentralization and building a permissionless DeFi infrastructure that rewards both Theta and Ageio stakers. Ageio is a protocol that allows users to stake Theta currency, receive AGT, and facilitate automatic staking. Below is a description of how the Ageio protocol generates and distributes revenue to stakers.