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What is the project about? Concentrator asdCRV is an auto-compounding asset, no need to claim frequently. The underlying asset of asdCRV is sdCRV. The income source of this compounder is StakeDAO staking yield of sdCRV. What makes your project unique? asdCRV augments sdCRV with new capabilities in three ways: 1. All yields (CRV, 3CRV, and SDT) are automatically reinvested for more sdCRV 2. asdCRV vaults are automatically veSDT-boosted for higher yields 3. veSDT holders can earn yields by delegating their boost to Concentrator What’s next for your project? Concentrator’s asdCRV will eventually form the backbone and harvesting services for the previously announced CLever sdCRV strategy. Keep your eyes peeled for the next developments! In the meantime asdCRV represents a quantum leap for sdCRV, a great new way to earn yields with veSDT, and a powerful new compounder for Concentrator. Get more from your sdCRV with Concentrator. What can your token be used for? With asdCRV, veSDT holders can get paid directly for delegating their boost to Concentrator, whether they have deposits or not. Each concentrator harvest has a 10% boost fee applied which is paid proportionally to veSDT boost delegators. If delegators do also hold asdCRV, they enjoy the same boosted yields on asdCRV as everyone else thanks in part to their delegation.