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What is the project about? Altitude is a composable native asset bridge, and one of the first dApp’s built on LayerZero, a cross-chain communication infrastructure designed to ease the current constraints of omnichain activity What makes your project unique? Altitude’s vision is to bridge the gap by offering a solution for transferring blue chip digital assets. One of the biggest problems today is the connection between being multi-chain and the bridging process. History of your project. We continue to hear about exploits on various bridges, which is not only a risk but also one of the weakest links when we look at blockchain infrastructure. We have all heard about the wormhole and ronin bridge hacks, accounting for close to $900MM in lost funds. What’s next for your project? Launch in late May What can your token be used for? The native token of Altitude DeFi, ALTD, is a governance token. Liquidity providers are able to stake into single-sided asset pools with zero impermanent loss while collecting fees from inbound transfers regardless of the deriving chain. Users no longer need to swap out undesirable assets on the destination chain or have a scenario where a transfer fails due to varying irregularities.