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Anon Web3 (AW3) project is dedicated to combating injustices in the cryptocurrency space, particularly by exposing scammers and assisting victims of scams. The token holders actively participate in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that votes on crucial project decisions. AW3 tokens are primarily used to fund researchers, blockchain analysts, scam bounties, and intelligence gathering efforts to uncover fraudulent activities. What makes this project unique is its commitment to transparency and ethics. Unlike many other projects, it refrains from using influencers who might engage in pump-and-dump schemes. Anon Web3 provides a safe haven for individuals in the crypto community who aspire to reform and improve industry practices. The history of the project includes successfully exposing multiple scammers and building a thriving community dedicated to rectifying wrongs within the crypto space. In terms of the future, the project aims to continue its mission of fighting crypto scams and promoting fairness. It may explore additional initiatives or partnerships to further its goals. AW3 can be utilized for various purposes within the project, including voting on important decisions within the DAO, funding research and investigations to identify scammers, rewarding blockchain analysts and contributors, and offering bounties to those who expose fraudulent activities.