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What is the project about? A Decentralized Meme Token It has strong deflationary properties and can generate passive income via staking, minting burning and yield Farming using the route of application and value What makes your project unique? Up to 420% Staking APY Automatic Yield Farming Burn TO Earn in a Memecoin project it's unique than other Memecoins History of your project. A project formed from AIShib is created to work as a Memecoin as well as earning with NFT's and other stuffs What’s next for your project? Staking,Pcode,Earn,NFT,Raffel What can your token be used for? AIPANDA tokens can be staked on the Earn page in exchange for rewards. 6% of the AIPANDA transaction volume will be distributed to AIPANDA stakers as rewards.A succession of AI NFTs for training, creation, and production will be released shortly.Gameplay Introduction Raffle is an open-source algorithmic airdrop game. A 3% fee is deducted from each AIPANDA transaction, converted into ARB, and added to the prize pool, which is then distributed via fortunate draw tickets.
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