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Welcome to AI owned by you, the user. Built on blockchain technology, Devolved AI embodies trust, transparency, and community governance. Vote, earn rewards, and own a stake in the future of AI—all powered by Argocoin. What Drives Devolved AI? We are more than just a platform; we are a movement aimed at redefining the relationship between AI and humanity. By using a decentralized approach, we ensure that our AI ecosystem is transparent, secure, and most importantly, governed by you. Our mission is to create an AI that is powered by the people, for the people, ensuring shared prosperity and ethical development. Be a part of this revolutionary journey. Empowering Community, Democratizing AI We stand at the forefront of a revolution. Devolved AI is not merely a tech entity; it is a beacon for a future where Artificial Intelligence is democratically powered by a diverse, global community. Our mission is to dismantle the centralization of AI technology, ensuring it serves the many instead of the few. With our innovative Proof of Value (PoV) protocol, we encourage and reward each member's contributions, creating a thriving ecosystem where every voice can be heard, and every effort is acknowledged. Our platform is a testament to the philosophy that everyone should have a stake in the AI that shapes our world.