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What is the project about? At AYIN, we strive to be the leading exchange on Alephium, providing a seamless and secure Uniswap-style DEX for token trading. Currently, there are no stablecoins or other tokens on the blockchgain, so AYIN launched with our own native token, $AYIN. Our ultimate goal is to incentivize not only our token holders but also to foster liquidity on Alephium, reducing the reliance on centralized exchanges (CEXs) for trading. What makes your project unique? AYIN shares a large portion of trading fees from swaps with AYIN stakers, as well as being the first mover on a blank L1. History of your project. Our journey with Alephium began in 2021 when our team first discovered this promising blockchain. The vision of creating an on-chain liquidity and trading platform ignited the inception of AYIN. In 2023, we embarked on our mission to bring trustless, peer-to-peer exchange of tokens to Alephians. What’s next for your project? New token listings, New UI, onboarding stablecoins and Ethereum tokens as the bridge goes live soon. What can your token be used for? Accumulating fees from the dex, providing liquidity, trading.