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Azmask Token is a digital asset token issued on the Azmask platform, which focuses on AI trading bot applications. This token represents the value of assets, rights, and services within the Azmask ecosystem. It is designed to facilitate access to Azmask's services and enhance liquidity of assets. Utility By using Azmask Token, investors and users can easily access and use Azmask's services with reduced transaction fees. Azmask Token can also be used as a means of payment for all types of fees related to Azmask's trading and operations. Moreover, Azmask Token can be traded on a secondary market, increasing its liquidity and value. Overall, Azmask Token is a vital component in the Azmask ecosystem, enabling seamless access to services and increasing asset liquidity. It is a versatile tool for investors and users to benefit from the Azmask platform's offerings. In addition, Azmask Token offers staking opportunities for investors to earn profits. By holding and locking their Azmask Tokens for a set period, investors can receive staking rewards in the form of additional tokens. This not only encourages long-term holding but also promotes a stable and sustainable growth of the Azmask ecosystem.