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BankersDream is a new generation of passive income Tokens! We didn´t invent a new way a token works, but we want to focus primarily on the generation and upkeeping of passive rewards with the goal to build an asset and ecosystem our investors want to hold. BankersDream is the first step towards our big goal. Granting 8% BUSD Reflections to all holders of BANK$. This is the first part of the passive income. BankersDream is additionally tied to our community fund BankersWhale. 1.5% of the marketing tax will be used to build up a community investment fund with one goal in mind: Generation of passive income. With this fund all BANK$ holders will participate in stacking, investments in other reward tokens and in investments in ICO´s. The bigger the fund goes the more passive income is generated for the BANK$ holders. 75% of the yield will be distributed to all BANK$ holders applying the same logic as for the BUSD rewards. 15% of the passive income generated is used for further development costs. 10% of the yield will be used for different charity projects the community can decide on! This initial idea with a team consisting of trained bankers, an insurance agent and a software developer backed up by a experienced marketing team and a vision will be the foundation of the next generations of assets.
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