Beluga Protocol

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What is the project about? Multichain stableswap AMM with Layer3 Infrastructure What makes your project unique? First stableswap that enables cross-chain swap with Layer 3 infrastructure. Beluga Protocol is a multichain stableswap AMM powered by Layer 3 infrastructure. The key concept underpinning Beluga’s design is asset liability management (ALM). By introducing the concept of ALM, Beluga allows each token to grow organically based on its natural supply and demand. Beluga allows users to provide unilateral liquidity. Instead of pools of token pairs and bundles, Beluga uses accounts of tokens to record assets and liabilities, allowing single-sided liquidity provision. Beluga aims to enhance DeFi user experience by aggregating liquidity from across chains to form cross-chain swaps that can be executed within Beluga, saving users time from finding bridges to transfer their assets. History of your project. Community Award Winner of Solana Summer Camp Hackathon What’s next for your project? Expand to zkSync, Optimism and Polygon What can your token be used for? Boost farming APR, vote in gauge weight and proposals, share protocol revenue
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