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Betmatch is a blockchain solution for bookmakers by RevelDevelopment. It combines the classical business model of traditional betting cases (but executed in a trustless paradigm using blockchain technology) with a social betting network as a second, community layer. These two business models perfectly complement each other, providing additional customer value and enhancing the overall net effect of the system. Betmatch’s proposed technical and business solution provides customers with an original service of trustless betting using cryptocurrencies. Deposits, bet execution, and withdrawal processes are executed using blockchain network services (direct crypto payments and smart contracts) and cannot be interfered by any third party’s actions. Besides an industry-grade, classical betting service built on top of a blockchain network, Betmatch offers an original social solution for players and the betting-related community. This concept allows each customer or project supporter to construct a personal business with positive cash-flows or receive a share of the platform’s profit as a reward for social activity and community interaction inside the system.
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