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Bitcoin2x is Faster, safer and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin. SMART Bitcoin2x is built on Ethereum Smart Contracts. Ethereum smart contracts allow developers to build decentralized apps on top of Ethereum. This will enable Bitcoin2x to have more applications than existing platforms such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. CHEAPER Bitcoin2x will offer the lowest transaction fee in the market. Because of the challenges associated with verifying block sizes, the transaction fee for Bitcoin transactions is currently on the rise. The rise is necessitated by the need to pay miners more so that they can increase the speed of verifying transactions. For Bitcoin2x which is based on Ethereum smart contracts, the transactions fees will be even lower because of the efficiency of smart contract platform which is faster and cheaper than bitcoin’s platform. FAIR DISTRIBUTION Bitcoin2x is owned by community. Bitcoin started as an opensourced community project but has nowadays been crowded by individuals who are now wielding too much power. The lack of community consensus has contributed a lot to some of the existing platform problems in the blockchain. Bitcoin2x will abide by high levels of community management and governance. This means that members of the community will be free to contribute ideas and other suggestions meant to improve the welfare of the whole community. There will be a unique voting system that will ensure all views are taken into consideration and a unique voting system for making sure only the best ideas get implemented. In the end, this will create a community that is more unified and have a sense of purpose and agreement than the current Bitcoin community.
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