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What is the project about? Blockcreate is a blockchain, play-to-win game with actual blocks. Powered by Algorand, each Block is a physical light-emitting cube that performs as an asset on the Blockchain. Be strategic, create Teams, and build a collection of Blocks to win rewards. What makes your project unique? The Block starts competing the day it is created, generally 2 days to 2 weeks before it is shipped. Each block has a unique Power, Charge and Blockchain. The Blocks are shipped at random. Each player will not know the attributes of the Block until it arrives and the codes are revealed. The higher the Power, the more competitive the Block. A secured Block starts competing in Solo Competitions the day it is created. If a Player is strategically determined, they can form teams and join powers to increase their collective charge. The stronger the Team, the more valuable the Blockchain, the greater the rewards. Players can compete in Solo Competitions or Teams in varying Tiers of competitiveness. History of your project. Sales began Oct. 21st 2021, Blocks began as a competitive game with reward incentives. Since the start of the game, the project developed tiers of teams for competitions. The project has expanded to include an NFI/NFT market. What’s next for your project? Blocks the Game, is an online third-person MMO RPG survival game. What can your token be used for? In-Game currency, Asset's, NFT's, NFI's
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