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BPEG’d is a first of its kind decentralized, immutable and secure lending protocol anchored by Bitcoin. We have built a pioneering platform that enables non-fungible token (NFT) holders to open collateralized debt positions and directly connect with Omnichain liquidity providers via their NFT collection holdings secured by the Bitcoin network’s robust collateral. Our goal is to remove the cross compatibility limitations currently present between DeFi and NFTs. Thus initially allowing you to earn real yields on perceived illiquid NFT’s whilst compounding this flexibility in a similar manner to Liquid Staking Derivatives on Ethereum. BPEG’d protocol relies on a balancing process of Assets (Lender origination and issuance of STX,USDb & xBTC) and Liabilities (Borrower credit agreements with NFT Collateral) within a permission-less custodian (BPEG’d Lockers). Users mint USDb (the native stablecoin of the protocol) or xBTC (the layer-2 derivative of the protocol powered by Stacks) or alternatively commit and bond STX (Required for operating transactions on the Stacks BTC Layer-2 Solution) enabling them to effectively obtain leverage on any supported collection of NFTs present on the Bitcoin Layer. The protocol is managed by a governance token $BPEG, that oversees, administers, and changes parameters to the protocol dependant on community driven proposals via the BPEGDAO.
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