Chikn Egg

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chikn is Avalanche's premier platform for upgradable NFTs & dual-token economies, bridging the gap between gaming, DeFi and the Metaverse. chikn are also an original series of 10k upgradable NFTs that lay EGG. EGG is the native Governance & Utility token of the chikn ecosystem, and is the fuel that runs all features of the platform. The chikn DAO governs a Treasury which originally holds 10% of the Total Supply of $feed, and increases over time. How chikn egg is used: EGG tokens can be staked to receive FEED that can then be used to grow the chikn. The EGG DAO governs a Treasury which holds 10% of the Total Supply of FEED, and increases over time. EGG is burned in a variety of methods, as a result of interacting with the chikn platform and the many products we offer. Some of these burning methods are: Breakage fees (8.33% of all staked EGG), FEED-swaps, CNS (the chikn naming service), Minting of future NFT collections, Upgrading future NFT series, chikn p2e & PVP game/s, Breeding, 3rd party NFT minting and more!
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