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COMPOSITE - CMST is a collateralized stablecoin for Interchain built on Comdex chain.  
Inspired mainly by the robust and reliable model built by MakerDao for $DAI stablecoin, $CMST can be minted permissionless-ly as a debt against collateralized CDPs of interchain assets.  Composite can be minted on . Users can choose from a wide range of Cosmos ecosystem assets and interchain assets as collateral to mint $CMST. $CMST’s mechanism is designed to be the most reliable model for stablecoins, which is censorship-resistant, permissionless, and decentralized. Composite is a stablecoin designed to be a stable representation of purchasing power and is therefore soft pegged to $1; however, as the global macro landscape develops, that may be subject to change in the future.  CMST and Harbor Protocol References Website: Mechanism Docs: Code Audit Report: Community Channels: Harbor Protocol on Twitter - Composite Money (CMST) on Twitter - Composite Money (CMST) Community Chat: Forum: Blog:
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