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Creditum is another attempt at bringing a native stable coin to the fantom network. Creditum is a project from Revenant (formerly known as StakeSteak). This protocol uses over-collateralized deposits to mint debt tokens at a fixed interest rate, specifically cUSD (Creditum USD). Essentially, cUSD is meant to replace old fUSD with a new liquidation model that works. Creditum is a lending & borrowing protocol that allows users to mint cUSD, a stablecoin pegged at $1, by supplying collateral. By doing so, users are able to unlock more capital and use cUSD to earn yield on top of the assets they already own. Since Creditum requires an over-collateralization of deposits, each cUSD is backed by at least $1 of collateral. This allows users of the protocol to begin liquidating unhealthy positions in the event of market downturns, ensuring the solvency of cUSD, keeping it at $1. In other words, the assets used to mint cUSD are much greater than the liabilities, keeping the protocol solvent.
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