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What is the project about? CrocBot is a protocol allowing to farm popular airdrops backed by a team of sybil experts. We’re offering “Swarms”, a powerful tool to deploy thousands of addresses to farm according to your own strategy. CrocBot allows you to deploy "Swarms" of addresses to farm popular airdrops. You will be able to set your own strategies and farm on the chains & protocols that you want. Swarms are unlocked through $CROC staking. Our bot will be available through Telegram and a dedicated dashboard Who are we? We are a team of builders farming airdrop since 2 years, we've decided to open our Airdrop Farming bot to the public through $CROC, a token with healthy tokenomics meant to back the value of an airdrop farming address. What about the token? The protocol is based by the $CROC token, a revenue-bearing assets backed by the value of 1 farming address. The token will have a swap tax of 5% -> 2% for team, 2% for stakers and 1% for liquidity For each 10K $CROC staked, you will unlock 1 Swarm address. Stakers receive protocol fees (claimable on our dashboard)
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