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Cryptegrity is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer escrow platform that aims to protect users when exchanging goods, services and data online. Platform users can create secure escrow agreements for goods, services, NFTs, and more. These contracts are publicly verifiable on-chain to ensure user security when dealing with anonymous counterparties. Protocol governance is driven by a community powered DAO, who provide critical arbitration and dispute resolution services. For every new escrow vault created on Cryptegrity, a new smart contract is deployed. This significantly mitigates the risk of fraud or the commingling of funds, offering users transparency. In any Cryptegrity escrow agreement, only the concerned parties and the Cryptegrity DAO can interact with their specific contract. The $ESCROW token is the pillar of the Cryptegrity Ecosystem. Boasting a deflationary buyback and burn mechanism, platform fees collected by the platform are actively and transparently redistributed to $ESCROW holders. Beyond providing permissionless and secure escrow services, the Cryptegrity platform offers a multitude of additional features. Cryptegrity Earn provides holders with staking and yield farming solutions, allowing them to organically earn rewards and further decentralize the ecosystem by deepening $ESCROW liquidity. Harnessing web3 technologies and infrastructure, Cryptegrity aims to disrupt and reimagine the p2p payment industry.
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