Cyber Movie Chain

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September 8, 2018
Market Cap
$ 0
Volume 24h
$ 3419.3
Total Supply
Cyber Movie Chain - offer you the new digital era of Cyber Movie Chain project base on blockchain Technology. Cyber Movie Chain is a project to develop a comprehensive blockchain technology solution consisting of its Cyber Movie Chain Platform. Movies industry need a new economic model. Distribute, Watch, and enjoy films safely. By handling ledger transactions, Cyber Movie Chain guarantee reliability and cost effectiveness. CYBER MOVIE CHAIN (CMCT) - is a building of movie on blockchain technology which you can search movie you like in different languages and types like; -Action -Adventure -Animation -Biography -Comedy -Crime -Documentary -Drama -Family -Fantasy -Film -Noir -History -Horror -Music -Musical -Mystery -Romance -Sci-Fi -Sports -Superhero -Thriller -War -Western The Cyber Movie Chain aspires to be a world class competent blockchain project and create a new revolutionary brand linked to movie streaming that is unlike any other platform
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