Fortune Token

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$ 8593.5
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What is the project about? $FRTN is proprietary platform utility token, designed to fuel the Ryoshi Dynasties gamified DAO experience, reward NFT holders and drive new volumes to the NFT ecosystems! What makes your project unique? Fortune Token is a pivotal part of the EbisusBay platform, a top-tier NFT marketplace on the Cronos network. It's an innovative cryptocurrency that not only powers the platform's functions but also fuels an exciting and dynamic game-like environment for NFT communities. History of your project. Ebisu's Bay is the first and largest NFT Marketplace on Cronos with a unique GameFi DAO reward system. Chosen as the most trusted Web3 platform from the Cronos community, Ebisu's Bay allows users to create, buy, sell, trade NFTs in a fast, safe and user friendly manner. What’s next for your project? is set to change the way we look at NFT Marketplaces by means of it's innovative gamified DAO experience and proprietary utility token. Our platform's ecosystem is ready to onboard the next generation of Web3 users, creating a new standard for quality and transparency within the Web3 industry, offering a safe and rewarding experience while nourishing the NFT ecosystem. What can your token be used for? $Fortune is a standard CRC-20 which can be freely traded on exchanges and will be used for rewards and purchasing services from Ebisu's Bay NFT Marketplace. $Fortune tokens can be staked on Ryoshi Dynasties to earn more $FRTN, in-game & platform rewards.
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