Hertz Network

6.46 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
$ 541,584
Volume 24h
$ 4.080
Circulating Supply
# Exchange Pair Price Volume 24h


HERTZ NETWORK is a fast and feeless blockchain protocol, powered by EOSIO, allowing users to create custom tokens with ease. HTZ coin is the native chain of Hertz Network blockchain. Key features of Hertz Network blockchain includes: FAST – Taking only half a second to receive and 50 seconds to confirm, Hertz Network is among the fastest blockchain networks in the market. FEELESS - Everyone can easily send and receive feeless transactions on the Hertz Network with user-friendly HTZ desktop, mobile or web wallet. POWERFUL - Fast, scalable and equipped with smart contract capabilities; Hertz Network can be used for various purposes and large-scale adoption.
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