International Stable Currency

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What is the project about? ISC is a flatcoin. A flatcoin is a stablecoin that is both stable in price and increases in value over time. The purpose of a flatcoin is to protect the purchasing power of its holders. Leaders like Brian Armstrong of Coinbase are proponents of flatcoins because they believe that inflation-resistant money will onboard the next billion users onto crypto. What makes your project unique? Flatcoins are new to the stablecoins industry. Our competitors are Nuon ( and RAI ( What makes us different from Nuon & RAI is that we are collateralized with Real World Assets (RWAs) such as gold, bonds, t-bills, equity, and cash. This matters because RWAs provide much deeper liquidity for ISC than our competitors. History of your project. We spent 1.5 years determining the legal structure with our lawyers. What’s next for your project? We are bridging our token from Solana to ETH & various layer 2s What can your token be used for? Store of value and payments. We’ve integrated with to power payments for Solana Hacker Houses.
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