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InvoiceCoin is ready to take on one of the biggest challenges facing the crypto industry! Use and meaningful adoption of crypto currency is one of the biggest challenges facing the future of the crypto currency industry. There are many currencies and projects developed, but the actual use of crypto currency in everyday life remains low. InvoiceCoin is being developed to help promote the use of currency. We will help advance the use of crypto coins and enhance the credibility of viable crypto projects. Currently there is no way for crypto users to provide real-time invoicing that converts payment from currency to currency accurately, based on current/actual market value. Many currencies are underused or left in storage due to lack of mechanism to put in use. The InvoiceCoin application platform, when completed, will be a free downloadable app that will allow the user real time crypto currency conversion billing for private use. The biller and payer will be able to agree on currency value in real time by selecting options such as current market value or pre-determined value. With the use of the InvoiceCoin app the crypto community can use viable currency of choice to pay or get paid for value and services rendered. This is the next step in eliminating costly traditional billing transactions and maintaining the privacy and viability of crypto currency transactions.
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