13.57 %
Change 24h
October 24, 2018
Market Cap
$ 672,630
Volume 24h
$ 427.66
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
# Exchange Pair Price Volume 24h


Ixian is a peer to peer encrypted data streaming platform, which handles a high volume of micro transactions. About Ixian Platform and IxiCash As remote work and social distancing are becoming the new norm, more people are relying on streaming services for communication. Traditional services rely on expensive infrastructure to handle millions of new users and amount of data transferred. This infrastructure needs constant maintenance and upgrades but is only being used at full capacity at certain peaks. Ixian DLT - High throughput of micropayments with microfees Ixian was built to overcome these issues. By leveraging the user’s hardware we can improve reliability and enable users to monetize their hardware and bandwidth, depending on network needs. Ixian relies on its users to form a secure and efficient network with no downtime. Ixian S2 - Decentralized data streaming with incentives for node operators You can already download and use the first decentralized app that utilizes Ixian technology, it’s called Spixi and it is a secure next generation chat app, with no central authority which can access your personal data. Ixian is the kind of platform developers will want to use to build and monetize solutions that require scaling and secure data streaming capabilities. Services utilizing Ixian require smaller operating budgets and thus can be offered at competitive pricing. While paying less, users won’t need to worry about data leaks, privacy issues or censorship.
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