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Libre is a new blockchain for making Bitcoin and Tether faster, cheaper, and easier to use. There is no worldwide solution for fast Bitcoin and Tether with the ability to swap between the two efficiently. Lightning is a solution for small Bitcoin transactions, but the TARO implementation of stablecoin is years out and likely to be highly centralized / gated. Chains such as THOR offer native swaps, but costs are high and transactions are extremely slow. Centralized exchanges and services such as Changelly, Strike, and others have usability drawbacks, custodian single point of failure, and geographical restrictions. Libre has a permissionless, open-source SWAP (AMM) for trading BTC / USDT for low fees and ultrafast transactions. Libre allows users to onboard with Bitcoin or Lightning Network quickly and with minimal amounts. The Bitcoin and USDT peg-in/out is handled by the PNetwork of MPC nodes. Lightning Node Providers can connect to Libre and earn fees. The AMM is incentivized directly from the chain with farming rewards. There is no frontend dependency or dependency on a centralized team. LIBRE must be "staked" to engage in governance - voting for validators and DAO proposals. In exchange for securing the network, LIBRE holders receive staking rewards in LIBRE. These staking rewards begin high and decrease over time. You choose the amount of LIBRE to stake and the number of days your LIBRE will be staked. The earlier you stake and the longer you stake, the higher your yield.
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