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MUI MetaBlockchain solves the blockchain trilemma (achieving scalability, security and decentralisation simultaneously) by having a hybrid architecture. MUI MetaBlockchain allows users to have their own decentralized identity (DID), making it the first platform to truly provide its users with the reliable identity-based ownership transfer of security assets. This also makes it possible for us to provide public notarization of financial transactions. Each asset can have on-chain voting and governance, which can power uses like digital shareholder meetings. Unlike other blockchains, MUI MetaBlockchain can be upgraded at any time, eliminating the need for forking or separation of the blockchain network. The development of financial applications is made easy with on-chain chaincode execution (smart contract equivalent). MetaMUI is a payment coin inside the MUI MetaBlockchain Network. It mainly functions as payment for the services, products and features (e.g. issuance of a central bank digital currency, establishment of digital stock exchange, issuances of stable coins, tokenized assets and wrapped cryptocurrencies) which may be offered on the Platform.
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