Monsta Infinite

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Market Cap
$ 574,506
Volume 24h
$ 420,840
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Monsta Infinite is a decentralized game universe where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game competitively or for leisure. Monsta is an enigmatic and peculiar species living in SHANI, and they are from the age before dinosaurs. But now they have a catastrophic threat, JILAKA. They may be eradicated if the situation remains the same. So they wake their earliest ancestors, the Inception Monsta, from dormancy. Inception Monsta used their unique biological network to contact humans through blockchain technology. They seek our leadership and guidance to bring victory to their homeland. As a reward, they will grant us their most valuable resource on the planet, Stamen Tellus Token, and reckon you as their master for helping them to defeat JILAKA.
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