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What is the project about? Automatic, omnichain yield farming. Mozaic provides AI-optimized yield and liquidity strategies, powered by LayerZero. What makes your project unique? Mozaic is unique as it allows users with little to no DeFi knowledge to capture complex yield strategies. Mozaic’s AI, Archimedes has one objective: To save users time and maximize their profitability. The AI does this by removing the indecisions involved with yield farming compounding and rebalancing assets to the highest APY farms every hour. History of your project. Mozaic was brought to life in Sydney, Australia from a team of both quantitative and proprietary traders. ‘Automatic yield farming’ was coined amongst the team during 2021-22. The core team partnered with AI/ML experts from Silicon Valley to then create the AI, Archimedes. What’s next for your project? Mozaic plans to release a many different ecosystem and chain driven vault strategies. The protocol is also set to continue the optimization of its AI/ML to continue to expand the offering of yield to its users. Additionally, the MozaicDAO will also be established to move towards the decentralization of the protocol. What can your token be used for? The MOZ token will be used for governing all decisions of the protocol and to direct the DAO treasury throughout the protocol and crypto ecosystem to create a sustainable protocol in the long-term.
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