Neuroni AI

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What is Neuroni AI Neuroni AI is an advanced artificial intelligence powered natural language processing model available. Neuroni AI is capable of understanding complex language, recognizing the context of conversations, and providing the most accurate responses What Makes Neuroni AI Unique? Neuroni is different because they provide unbiased information to theirusers. To do this, they have developed a system that does not simply respond with information drawn from a defined database. They use 3 date sources + an ETHIC checker that compares these information in real time in order to answer with an accuracy that is the most realistic. Moreover, even if Neuroni AI learns from its interactions, it collect absolutely NO user data History of Neuroni AI Neuroni AI was developed by Adam Saint-Leroix and his team of scientists since the beginning of the year 2021 and was launched on 13th January 2023. What’s Next for Ethereum Neuroni is focusing on concrete use cases in the near future and, beyond the messaging BOTs and the mobile application under development, plans to extend its integration into the metaverse What can Neuroni AI (NEURONI) be Used For? The use cases of NEURONI token will be multiple in the future, notably as a utility token in future application development and integration of Neuroni AI with partners. A buyback and burn system has also been put in place to use 50% of the advertising revenues to support the NEURONI price.
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