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NRGY is a fair censorship-resistant, fairly designed automatic liquidity generating protocol. From inception, It was created In the spirit of Satoshi, there is no developer share or special founding team pre-mine or special allocation. With no coins given away to influencers every owner of NRGY has added capital liquidity to its liquidity pool. The NRGY financial system design elevates this project in the cryptocurrency space because it uniquely creates a "greater than a zero-sum opportunity. The protocol prohibits excessive minting making the circulating supply scarce and proportional to the capital inflows into the system. Holders can gain weekly minting yields and use NRGY to access royalties generated from Dapps linked to its economy. There is value in scarcity and the circulating supply is increased only as new tokens are staked. Supply is reduced when holders unstake burning 7.5% to incentivize long-term holders. NRGY contract has no governance provisions and can not be controlled or changed by any special interest. New NRGY will continue mints new supply only for 100 weeks. Future yields after this point are designed to come from royalty revenues and transaction fees. Owning NRGY offers both innovation and intrinsic value as it aims to be a growing economic engine promoting fairness and prosperity.
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