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The Oblichain is a crypto incubator project and much more. The project creates management tools for companies to have quick visibility on a business’s progress and profitability. As a result, all Oblichain’s partner products are visible by theme on a single platform. Moreover, that platform allows customers to involve all users with a simplified and efficient reward system. Simultaneously, the team aims to grow Investing Community. With the securities (bonds) running on a blockchain, the project builds penetrability to OBC cryptocurrency. Therefore, it will be a long-term fundraiser tool helping startups to succeed. The OBC is an ERC20 token created as a compromise between Venture Capital (VC) and cryptocurrency fundraising. So, the coin aims to become a project accelerator for entrepreneurs with a stable vision and business model, enabling visionary investors to become players in their success. How? First, the OBC token is an internal source of bonus for the Oblichain tool. Second, altcoin allows holders to follow the progress of projects in real-time, becoming involved in their successes through constant interactions and exchanges with project managers.
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