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June 1, 2018
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$ 10,249
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$ 9.390
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PrimeStone is a multifunctional and well-protected cryptocurrency that focuses on the needs of diverse global users. Furthermore, PrimeStone guarantees quick and smooth transactions. For the currency creation X11 algorithm is used and it allows the mining of 60,000,000 coins. It should be also emphasized that our cryptocurrency possesses some significant features, such as: SegWit, Replay Protection, Unique Address Format, Zero Knowledge Proof, Lightning Network. Furthermore, PrimeStone enables users to mine cryptocurrencies on GPU, CPU or other devices. It is worth mentioning that we provide competitive rewards for block mining. To put it bluntly, this kind of benefits is based on the system that links rewards to performance and its difficulty. At the same time, other vital matters are already resolved and established. It is commonly known that fees are of significant importance for users, because this particular issue sometimes turns out to be costly and, as a result, disappointing or frustrating. However, PrimeStone has taken the challenge of minimizing the cost of money transfers. Consequently, it can safely be assured that PrimeStone ensures a low fee level.
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