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Founded in 2015, Remme is building the distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol and PKI-enabled apps to address the challenges of Web 3.0. Remme Auth is a 2-click authentication solution that allows users to securely access a website without passwords. Instead, the solution uses X.509 self-signed certificates and blockchain technology. Remme's open source Protocol replaces centralized instances of Public Key Infrastructure with a blockchain-based Network of Trust with a view towards enhancing the security of users and their data. Remme offers a custom public blockchain with a three-layered consensus algorithm, which is programmed to make a pseudo-random selection of masternodes. Committees are formed using a reputational system which depends on the initial stake and quality of masternode work. The reputation of the masternode and a bet will influence the random chance of closing the block. Committees are re-elected for signing each block. The Remme Atomic Swap technology allows the use of the REMChain token along with ERC20 REM token, which simplifies the process of circulation among users and customers.
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