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Sapchain has a vision of a supply chain social platform that is the largest and most active for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises in the digital world of blockchain The blockchain technology is gradually popularized to release global productivity. Based on Sapchain platform, MSMEs and suppliers will securely and efficiently complete more business transactions through the network. At the same time, they can quickly set up orders and map the business content of entities to Sapchain ecosystem through API. Sapchain has found that the individual has strong will to set up the supply and demand side, but because of the various problems, the social field for micro-, small- and medium-enterprise supply chain is still in a very early stage, including: high cost of trust and communication, difficult to manage demand, and expected difficult to deliver consistent, no one can collaborate account of uncertainty and many other issues. As a result, Sapchain provides a one-stop solution that anyone can easily publish and participate in individual projects. At the same time, the efficiency of transaction can be effectively improved through the Token incentive mode, the rapid start-up and prosperity of the supply chian social platform is able to be true, and eventually cash out through value-added services and ecological services. Sapchain is a supply chain social platform for global micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises . With the gradual increase of user coverage, the continuous accumulation of transactions may continue 24 hours a day.Finally, the supply chain social platform MSMEs, Sapchain, will realize the blockchain-based trusted transaction record
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