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REAL UNICORN *nothing gram, fabricated equivalent of 1 nanogram of imaginary animal byproduct +Each token contains no less than 1 ng of unicorn kidney suspended in a proprietary blend of Yugoslavian chicken gizzards, North Korean virgin tears, and Appalachian "meth head" adrenaline gland extract (organic). ^Do not consume if you have an allergy to being based. Why $CORN? Despite claims from certain Swaps and Bots, our independent lab studies show that no real unicorn has ever been distributed on blockchain. We're here to change that. ​ Will I actually receive unicorn after purchasing the token? No, you will not receive parts of an imaginary magical creature after purchasing this token. However, we do GUARANTEE you that $CORN token is as real as any other token in your cryptocurrency wallet! ​ Where does the $CORN come from? All $CORN originated from our founder, Charlie (see more here). Like horses, unicorn kidneys weigh 500-700g. Charlie's 694.20g kidney was stolen by Candy Mountain in 2005. Thanks to recent geopolitical events and clinical-grade hallucinogens, we were able to acquire his kidney and magically inscribe it on to the Ethereum blockchain. Each $CORN token corresponds to 1 nanogram of desiccated unicorn kidney.
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