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TSA is a new cross -chain marketplace of digital NFT Art built on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network, powered by the native governance token TSA and DeFi solutions. It currently has 3 spaces: NFT Broadway, NFT Incubator and NFT Finance. TSA NFT Finance offers unique features by combining NFTs and DeFi into one and allowing NFT collectors to yield farm and stake. TSA Collections is bringing together the world of arts and fashion powered by blockchain technology into NFT digital space. Each collection, represented by an NFT, contains a unique art story. By collecting an NFT, users are able to redeem the completed NFT for physical artworks. TSA also has been created to give TSA community the power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation, like RARI and provide creators and collectors with the opportunity to propose on platform upgrades and community development. TSA Top NFT Collections are TSA Metaverse series, CaoJun CJAI limited editions of NFT Collectibles , and Peter Blake Limited editions. TSA collections showcases on TSA marketplace, OpenSea ,Sandbox and Rarible.
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