The Global Index Chain

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TGIC (The global index chain) is a public chain based on blockchain technology to subvert the traditional financial industry. TGIC will rely on blockchain technology to create a new, safe, trusted and shared financial industry. TGIC provides a complete distributed ledger system, a complete intelligent contract system and system security system, supporting various major application protocols and multidimensional Certification agreements and various cross-chain agreements. Provides technical systems including data distributed storage, cross-chain smart contracts, secure multi-party computing, and trusted data exchange. On this basis, TGIC provides a series of application frameworks to further support the implementation of various upper-layer applications through common APIs, SDKs and various application functional components. TGIC has built a series of ecological environments with digital index investment, digital asset custody, digital asset exchange and digital asset clearing. TGIC will promote the digitization of various assets, and gradually replace the traditional financial industry's various businesses with decentralized financial applications based on blockchain technology.
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