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VirtuSwap goal is to make DEX trading as efficient as CEX trading. VirtuSwap innovation is centered on two main aspects. Firstly, the VirtuSwap AMM based DEX implement a new backend architecture that uses “Virtual Reserves”, which enable to significantly increase liquidity efficiency while solving the problem of indirect trades that 99% of crypto-assets suffers from. VirtuSwap DEX achieves that by enabling Liquidity Pools to hold, for a limited scope, making all pools work as an orchestra to direct liquidity to the trade, thus eliminating the need for costly indirect trade when trading assets with insufficient direct liquidity. Secondly, VirtuSwap developed the “Minerva Engine”, an AI-based optimizer that analyzes real trading activity to suggest the optimal allocation of economic incentives to Liquidity Providers, thus making VRSW emission allocation derive from informed real data basis. In the future VirtuSwap will also incorporate a hedging model that will enable small to medium cap project who suffers the most from insufficient direct liquidity, to support trading with multiple assets by opening a single pool. VRSW token is VirtuSwap governance token, and can be used for Staking or Locking to receive increased economic incentives, as well as voting on the governance of the protocol using vote-escrowed VRSW, noted as gVRSW.
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