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April 14, 2018
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AirWire is a first of its kind platform designed to enable cryptocurrency to be sent easily, quickly, and securely over today’s existing social network infrastructure. No prior setup is needed by the recipient, nor any advanced knowledge of the transaction itself. AirWire allows individuals to send cryptocurrency directly on the platform, through Facebook, Twitter, Email; with many more platforms to be included in the following months. Pick a celebrity, an influencer, a friend, or anyone else you wish and send them cryptocurrency on any social network platform. The applications of this platform are as vast and plentiful as social media user’s interactions are. The blockchain, and cryptocurrency can seem very daunting to those who do not know. That is why ease of use is a priority, and one of our core in today’s blockchain market. AirWire is the only platform that anyone from one central place grants consumers the ability to send tokens over Email, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media platforms instantaneously
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