Wrapped OptiDoge

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What is the project about? We are the original meme token on optimism, wOptiDoge is the wrapped form of OptiDoge and is used to farm velo on Velodrome What makes your project unique? We were the very first Meme token on optimism we deployed around 9 months ago way before the meme boom of 2023, our community is also deeply ingrained within the optimism governance ecosystem History of your project. Initially deployed OptiDoge LPd 400b out of 420b tokens for launch, a community member sent 105b tokens to vitalik, deployed wrapper contract which currently has 101b tokens in the contract and allows our to gauge to function on velodrome. we have over 5000 holders between wOptiDoge and OptiDoge and boast over 50,000 transfers on OP! What’s next for your project? We have deployed baseDOGE on coinbase's base chain and will be airdropping 1:1 to OptiDoge/wOptiDoge holders and LPs What can your token be used for? Governance, Farming on velodrome and soon farming on base chain's aerodrome with baseDOGE
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