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ZILD is Protocol of mutual decentralized wealth. ZILD attracts and partners with independent developers who help us build unique and valuable ecosystem of services and applications. Zild is an independent financial system that combines the models of traditional financial instruments into a single infrastructure based on public blockchains and smart contracts. Users are allowed to get a loan in different cryptocurrencies, as well as grant a loan in cryptocurrency and earn interest, at the same time they get rewards for maintaining the network effect of the Zild ecosystem in Zild tokens. Zild's open-source code allows any developer to build decentralized applications of different shape and form that operates on the Zild protocol, which guarantees security and design simplicity. The decentralized system of Zild differs significantly from the hierarchical financial structures controlled by central banks. Its main feature is that the issue and circulation of money and other assets are controlled only by individuals and communities — their direct owners. Any Zild user, be it an individual or an organization, has direct access to all services and tools. At the same time, they bear full responsibility for their funds: tokens are stored not in the bank, but in the blockchain. Our decentralized lending platform serves both as an investment and commercial bank. With Zild users can borrow or lend tokens to each other on the blockchain at a mutually agreed percentage. Lending rates are determined by the market method based on supply and demand. Therefore, people without access to banking services can receive interest on their savings.
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