Visa's Data Partner Allium Labs Raises $16.5M as Their New Findings Show Stablecoin Activity is Back Up
July 18, 2024 12:00
Payment giant Visa's blockchain data partner AlliumLabs has raised $16.5 million in a Series A funding round led by venture capital firm Theory Ventures. Visa and Allium Labs also released their latest findings on stablecoin activity which showed which showed that demand for stablecoins has picked back up in 2024.
BlockFi to Start Interim Crypto Distributions Through Coinbase This Month
July 18, 2024 11:45
Bankrupt crypto lender BlockFi will commence first interim crypto distributions through Coinbase in July 2024, it announced on Thursday.
WazirX Hack Sends SHIB, WRX Tumbling as Bitcoin, Tether Trade at Massive Discount
July 18, 2024 09:49
Most coins, including market leader bitcoin and USDT, are trading at a significant discount on WazirX.
Biden Dropout Chances Rise to 68% After Covid Diagnosis
July 18, 2024 08:25
President Joe Biden said during an interview that if a medical condition emerged, he'd consider dropping out of the race.
Polygon Sets September Date for Migration to POL Token from MATIC
July 18, 2024 08:00
The migration comes as a part of Polygon’s planned revamp laid out last year in its “Polygon 2.0” roadmap. The change was initially proposed in July 2023 to its community, and would make POL the main token for all Polygon networks.
WazirX Hacked for $230M, Largely in SHIB, as Elliptic Says North Korea Behind Attack
July 18, 2024 07:51
One of the exchange's multisig wallets experienced a security breach, the exchange confirmed in an X post.
Mt. Gox Creditors Reportedly Hit By Failed Login Attempts Amid Repayments
July 18, 2024 07:12
Users claim to have received as many as 22 login attempts from the Mt. Gox portal, ones that they did not initiate.
Profit-Making Crypto Address Makes $16M Investment in BTC
July 18, 2024 06:20
In Likely Precursor to Ether ETF Approval, Most Applicants Have Submitted Their Final Forms
July 17, 2024 22:16
Spot ether exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuers have submitted their final documents needed in order to launch the funds next week.
Why We Chose Sui Over Solana for Our DePIN
July 17, 2024 19:11
When Chirp – a DePIN for telecoms – was choosing a blockchain, the obvious option was Solana. But it decided to go with Sui instead. CEO Tim Kravchunovsky explains why.